Battery Charger for cars: which one to choose? Better if promotional!


Having around a gadget able to charge the smartphone’s battery in the car turns out to be essential when one has to move a lot for work. Some are simple and small, some others present more functionalities, so portable chargers come in many shapes, sizes and functions: how can one choose the best promotional gadget to represent his company? Here we go with some suggestions to clear up the main features and make the best-reasoned choice.

This is surely the simplest battery charger: handy and small, it fits in the cigarette lighter in the car and allows to charge the battery through the USB socket located in the upper part. Its plastic bodywork is customizable by silkscreen.

Slightly more hinged than the former, ‘Ring’ is a car charger manufactured from plastic, customizable by the choice of colours of its components and by insertion of a logo by silkscreen. Besides the bigger dimensions, the main difference from the ‘Roll’ version is the double USB socket: this means that charging two devices at the same time is feasible.

‘Label’ is the battery charger of circular shape with a surface realized in a fully shiny plastic. It’s provided of two USB entrances and thus allows as well the charge of two devices at the same time. Customization of the product is realized, beyond the choice of colours for the bicoloured body-work, by positioning of a label in the top part of the charger.

Even ‘Stretch’ is a car charger whose customization comes through a label where it is possible to print logos and images: however, this time, the label is covered with an epoxide resin, adjustment that provides more protection. The top part is rectangular shaped and presents a trim around the edges whose colour can be chosen; the same is valid for the whole body of the charger, entirely realized in PVC. ‘Stretch’ disposes of two USB ports and allows then to charge two devices simultaneously.

Another Battery charger for cars functional to connection of double smartphone for charging is ‘Curve’. It’s totally realized in plastic material and it’s customizable in the top part by silkscreen as its fellows, but this also provides a new type of personalization: the four-colour process on white screen. Its peculiarity is the rectangular and slightly curvilinear shape of the customizable surface.

Similar to the previous one regarding the dimensions and technical specifications, ‘Square’ is another charger with double USB socket, which allows the charge of two devices simultaneously. Realized in plastic material, the upper part is rectangular shaped and customizable with one’s own logo or images at the choice of the issuer by silkscreen. A further detail is the trim around the edges in transparent plastic whose colour is up to choice.

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