Bluetooth Speaker for cars: how to choose?


A Bluetooth speaker in the car turns out to be essential when one needs to pick up the phone many times during the driving. In fact, this device allows doing it in complete safeness and with the best comfort. You know that you’re going to need a Bluetooth speaker for your car but you don’t know which is the model for you that suits you the most? There you go; here you can find a few advices that will make the choice easier.

Mini Dice Bluetooth speaker

Small, light and cube shaped, “Dice” is a clever mini Bluetooth speaker with thousands of functionalities. More than a powerful stereo sound to listen to your music everywhere (it has a range up to 10 metres from the connected device), it also offers the opportunity to interact with the functionalities of your smartphone. In fact, you’ll be able to answer a call or take a picture just by pressing its power button, which will work in place of your smartphone. Easy to transport and to charge with USB cable, with Dice you’ll be able to know the position of your smartphone when they are connected! Its visual aspect can be customized with your preferences: logos and images of its cover are to be chosen by you.

Aqua Bluetooth speaker

The main feature of the Aqua Bluetooth Speaker is its total waterproofing. You are not going to use it only in the water though, its performances make it a perfect device even for the car. First, the suction cup on its back permits a good fixing on any surface, both horizontal and vertical way. By connecting the Bluetooth speaker to the smartphone, you can listen to your music (setting the volume up and down through the speaker) and pick up the incoming calls of the smartphone. Aqua is provided of a customizable plastic shell too, and it’s rechargeable through USB power supply.

Living Bluetooth speaker

With its fashionable and elegant design and its eco-friendly leather surface, Living is a high quality product for the Bluetooth speakers range. It will meet the customer’s most demanding requests. With its performances, it could easily fit in your living room as a decorating furniture accessory, but it is able to offer more especially in the car. The buttons on the upper side of the device can control the current sound track, set the volume and answer to the calls. Living is as well provided with a USB entrance to recharge the device and it is customizable in all its eco leather surface. There’s also the entrance for the 3,5 mm jack.

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