How to get ready for a trade fair

For a company, taking part in a trade fair is an excellent way to promote and consolidate its commercial objectives. By putting together an organisational model, the company fully exploits the potential an exhibition has to offer, to its entire benefit.

Preparation begins 10 months beforehand, with a list of activities split into four points.
Here are the details:

  1. Determining the purposes of participation.

    To give your participation in a trade fair a specific purpose, establish the reasons you are taking part in advance. Then plan a marketing strategy accordingly:
    – the type of target you wish to reach;
    – a budget estimate;
    – the role of the members of the team in the booth.

    These members of staff should have good problem solving skills, because customers paying a visit to your booth will want an answer to everything. Detailed product knowledge will therefore be of vital importance.

  2. Formalising your participation in the trade fair.
    Once you have established the purpose for your attendance, participation can begin to take shape. Start with registering (confirming within the deadline set), and then – with the help of outfitting firms – design and create your booth.

    You will also need to apply for technical services that will help you attend the fair (for instance electricity and an internet connection) and organise storage and transportation of your products.

  3. Customising your booth.
    This last point will become your calling card, which is why not only should you make it attractive in the eyes of your customer, but it should also be functional. The creation of spaces dedicated to customers, for instance, could prove to be efficient promotional tools.

    Think of something practical and efficient, perhaps linked to the world of technology. these days people need to recharge their electronic devices often, so why not set up a recharging station?

    This is where the Maikii Power Hub comes in: this table-top power bank is designed to recharge several smartphones and tablets simultaneously. Fitted with a back-lit display panel, it is ideal for displaying promotional messages at trade fairs.

  4. Planning PR activities.
    At such events, public relations have an excellent promotional task. This is why PR activities should be implemented at least three months beforehand. Use the media as much as possible, as this is the principal source of information used by operators.

    Send out invitations to your customers, including promotional material.

    And if you really want to spoil them?

    Enclose free entrance tickets with your invitations. This is a small investment that will boost your sales results.

    Your promotional activities should also continue during the show. In this case, we recommend you hand out customised gadgets. This is an excellent lead generation action that will allow you to be remembered over time, guaranteeing a constant flow of sales.

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