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Employer Branding: the strategy for your company’s image


Let’s start by providing the definition of Employer Branding: it is a marketing strategy aimed at building the reputation of a company as a healthy and positive workplace. The aim is clearly to create an image which corresponds as closely as possible to the ideal workplace.

Employer Branding came into use during the Nineties, as an addition to Customer Branding: the latter conveys value to the consumer, while the former has as its objective the loyalty of its employees.

Everyone can loyalise their employees!

Let’s think about it: how many times have we looked enviously at pictures of the most comfortable offices in the world, like those of Google, Facebook, Airbnb and many others?

Employees who relax and wind down, playing table tennis or table football, or strolling and eating in a manicured zen garden: these pictures are attractive and appealing, making us want to work in a place like that even before knowing any specifics about the job.

And in fact this is a great example of employer branding, but do not for a minute think that it is reserved for industry giants alone!  Companies with a more restricted budget cannot obviously afford the above-mentioned expensive comforts, but they can resort to cheaper but equally captivating solutions, and one of these are corporate gadgets for employees!

Maikii customises the perfect gadgets for your employees!

If chosen with care, gadgets are great tools for your employer branding strategy. They can be used for various purposes:

•   as a work tool for the office or for business trips

•  as a reward during the employee assessment process or in particular business situations

•  as a benefit for the work team

Let’s look at how some of our products can accommodate these functions:

•  Slide Holder Small: this accessory is perfect for using your smartphone in your car and therefore absolutely suitable for employees who often have to travel for work. It consists of an extending clamp that’s compatible with smartphones of any size and coated with slip-resistant and scratch-resistant silicone pads. Obviously they can be customised with company logos.


•  4in1 LED multicable: this is a multiple connector equipped with standard USB cable, micro USB cable, Lightning cable and Type C cable. It is perfect for those who use multiple Smart Devices for work, and who often work with documents that need to be switched from one device to another. The effect of the LED light in the body of the hub is also attractive.


•   100% Custom Luggage Tag: this accessory is perhaps the most suitable gadget for employees who are often away on business trips and need to carry all types of luggage. These are name tags designed to be attached to suitcases, made of soft PVC and customisable with relief details.



Whatever gift you choose, the important thing is that it is truly useful for the recipient and that the company logo gets the correct exposure. For some ideas on your next employee gadgets, consult the Maikii catalogue!

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