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A new trend: multi-functional design

Gadget promozionale Wireless Toby


When you’re furnishing a house or an office, especially if these are small in size, you need to think about practical and versatile solutions, without obviously forgetting about the styling aspect, which is always a calling card for our personality or that of our company.

Items of interior décor with multiple functions

Confined spaces and savings are therefore the two characteristics which drive the majority of furnishing choices today, and we tend to prefer objects that offer multiple functions and which are often also convertible: indeed, by changing shape, they also change their intended use. But what are the smart characteristics of these “new” items of interior décor?

•   furniture cabinets can turn into very useful partitions: if, as in the case of open-plan settings, the same space needs to accommodate various usage areas, confusion and chaos could be a problem. A multi-functional furniture solution, that is both decorative and useful at the same time, is the perfect solution! Consider, for example, a bookcase with visible shelves from which you can glimpse the background, to be used as a partition “wall” by positioning it halfway between the living room and the study: definitely useful, don’t you think?

•   decorative paint: “blackboard-paint” is now a very popular and well-known finish. A refrigerator door or portion of a wall can therefore replace pads of paper on which you write your shopping list or leave messages for your colleagues. A safe step forward in terms of both savings and from an environmentally-friendly perspective!

•   the sofa bed, a timeless classic: we couldn’t fail to mention this item of furniture and design item that continues to prove popular owing to its extreme functionality. In fact, the sofa bed is the multi-functional object par excellence! And the living room swiftly turns into a guest room.

Multi-functional promotional gadgets? Discover Wireless Toby, the alarm clock that recharges your smartphone!

High-tech accessories can accomplish this multitasking characteristic more than any other item. This is the case for instance of table lamps that also turn into wireless charging platforms for your smartphone. We liked the idea of bringing the same philosophy into the promotional sector too, and it is for this reason that we introduced Wireless Toby into the catalogue: an extraordinary multi-functional gadget that includes a clock with a temperature sensor, an alarm clock and a 5 W wireless charger.


Ideal as an item of interior décor thanks also to its clean-cut and simple yet striking design, this product brings together the functionality of multiple everyday objects: it can for example be used to charge your smartphone overnight and take advantage of the alarm clock function.

An unusual promotional gift that will definitely not go unnoticed: a useful product that combines technology with design, the ideal accessory with which to associate your logo.


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