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Choosing promotional gifts with a “family feeling”

Family feeling

Which principles should you follow when choosing the promo gadgets for your company? Can you make good or bad choices? Is it better to focus on functionality or style?

Both features are important when talking about promotional gadgets. The best choice is a balance between aesthetics and utility, while trying to reflect the company’s strategic choices.

Today, we’re going to turn our attention to promotional gadgets which pay a great deal of attention to aesthetics, focusing on something that is particularly used in product design: the family feeling. What’s it all about?

Family Feeling: instant recognition

Being able to recognise the brand is the key element of the family feeling concept. Many products feature elements which make it very easy to immediately associate them to the brand, because all items are part of a family and are bound by similar characteristics. Many designer brands or furnishing brands are an example of this: often by looking at their products, it’s easy to identify the brand. Think of Apple and its products which feature smooth lines and pastel colours.

The “Family Feeling” with promotional gadgets

The “family feeling” effect can also be achieved for promotional gadgets. That is to say, multiple accessories, each one with its specific function, which reflect the parameters of functionality, but are all recognizable because they feature the same detail. This allows you to create a series of business tokens, maybe at different times depending on the occasion, while maintaining an easily-recognisable style, which in the eyes of the receiver, will become your stylistic signature.

Are you looking for “family feeling” inspiration for your promotional gadgets? Take a look at our product catalogue: Power Layer, Wireless Layer, Power Layer Induction, Layer Multicable and Wonder Bluetooth. All feature lateral profiles with grooves running along the perimeter. A discreet, yet highly recognisable, detail.




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