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Tempered glass: an original choice for your business gadgets


How many times, either by mistake or through clumsiness, through being in a rush or being pushed, have you happened to drop you smartphone?

We know this feeling all too well: the dread of that dull sound that instantly makes us fear the worst. Panic sets in as we go to assess the damage. We reach our hand down to pick up the phone: sometimes we smile with relief; other times, we have to face the harsh reality and acknowledge that we didn’t do enough to protect our screen.  And prevention was easy: all we needed was to apply a layer of tempered glass.

Safer and more resistant: but what is tempered glass?

Tempered glass is a material which is more resistant than the classic glass we are all familiar with. As a matter of fact, it is also used as a protective glass because it is 6/7 times more resistant to cracks and, in the event of cracks, it products tiny fragments which are not sharp. In order to do this, the glass sheet undergoes a particular thermal treatment. First, it is exposed to very high temperatures (approx. 600°C), then it is instantly frozen. This has an impact on the glass structure which becomes extremely resistant to damage, scratches and cracking in general.

This processing also ensures better luminosity, much more visible on colour surfaces which appear more intense and shiny. This is why it’s perfect for smartphones and tablets. In the case of surfaces with graphics, the glass is printed backwards and acts as a kind of shield for the graphic design.

Tempered glass for your gadgets: super-shiny colours and excellent resistance to wear

We have decided to pay particular attention to the issues connected to product wear and damage and have introduced tempered glass to our Maikii catalogue as new material.  The colours of the surfaces and the perfection of the details, in addition to looking shiny and luminous, will remain unaltered over time.

Here are some of our proposals: Power Shield, Power Vinyl and Wireless Ray Glass.



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