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How technology has changed the sport


Technology has profoundly changed the sport, there is no doubt about this. If up to a few years ago, to practice sports it was enough to wear shorts and sneakers, today the equipment of a sportsman (not necessarily a professional) is enriched with technological accessories. The smartphone is a must, even when you dedicate yourself to sport.

With Smartwatch & Smartband the ride is no longer the same!

Smartwatch and smartband are the most common sports technologies because they meet the basic needs of those who practice sport for personal well-being. Smartbands are wearable devices that connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and an app. They carry information on the activity of the organism, allowing to monitor different parameters, first of all the heartbeat, and identify possible arrhythmias and sleep apnoea. Smartwatches usually have more features, such as heart rate monitors, accelerometers, sweat detectors, tools that can calculate calories burned during physical activity and the time needed for recovery, and even the protein intake needed to compensate for how much burned with sporting activity.

Technologies at the service of sport

Video technologies can also help improve sports practice from the point of view of technical competence. In the NBA, for example, special cameras film the movements of the players so that they can then be analysed to perfect the performances, and study the moves of the opponents.

The VAR (Video Assistant Referee) is a perfect example of the use of technology in sport. Since it was introduced into the world of football – although not yet present in all competitions – it is much easier for the referee to make safe decisions about goals, offside, fouls and so on.

Two other technologies integrated in sports are the Smartshoes and the sensors integrated in the footballs: they keep track of the sporting activity of the runners and evaluate the posture of basketball players.

Never again without an App

Last but not least: apps for playing sports at home or at least without going to the gym. There are so many, all designed to allow the individual to train independently, saving time and money. Would you like a few examples? The app for doing yoga, which provides guided exercises and sequences, also proposing the music to associate with the practice, and the apps for running, like the now famous Runtastic.

The promotional gift that keeps you in shape

In the promotional catalogue of Maikii, accessories related to the world of fitness are a must, because they are gifts of great effect for those who receive them, and are perfect for companies that gravitate in the world of sports or outdoor. Our two models, Smartband Play and Smartband Runner are the perfect gadget for all amateur sportsmen. They support functions such as pedometer, index of distance travelled, calorie counting, alarm and sleep control. They connect to the smartphone via Bluetooth and use the VeryFit Pro application to view and manage the data collected. Both have a metal plate on the strap that can be customised by laser engraving. If you choose this product for your customers, suppliers or employees, you will also be a promoter of a healthy lifestyle, and the wearers will always carry your company logo on their arm.

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