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Action Cam: the tech gadget of the moment

Sports enthusiasts have excellent reasons for filming their own progress, especially if they participate in extreme sports that take place outdoors, possibly in breath-taking natural surroundings. What’s more, if it is true that every point of view tells a different version of the same story, then nothing is more real than a point of view shot. Too important therefore not to be immortalised and shared with others.
Technology has met this need with the development of the Action Cam – compact and portable digital video cameras, designed especially to “narrate” our days during outdoor activities.
Compared with a simple video camera, the Action Cam has various innovations:

  • high resolution and reduced dimensions;
  • precise and fluid capturing of movements;
  • shots that can also be taken “hands-free”, making use of the various mounts that are supplied with it.

Its practicality puts it among the most fashionable tech gadgets of the moment, transforming it into an effective promotional product which is particularly suitable for the world of sport. Because of this, we have updated our catalogue with the Action Cam Ride which is available in two versions: Full HD (with video resolution of 1080p) and Ultra HD (with 4K resolution).

Our model has a two-inch LCD screen and 900mAh lithium battery (which is charged via a micro USB port) with a battery-life of approximately six hours.

Thanks to the included mounts (12 for the Full HD and 18 for the Ultra HD), the Action Cam Ride can be attached to various surfaces such as bicycles, helmets, scooters and more. With its waterproof Plexiglas case it is perfect to use during underwater shooting.

The Full HD version is also equipped with integrated Wi-Fi connectivity, which allows you to transfer videos directly onto your smartphone or PC.

If you are thinking of top-end business gifts for a bold, new and original project, the Action Cam Ride is the right solution for you! It is available in black and silver, can be personalised with a printed company logo and the minimum order is only 100 items.

For further information and for a no-obligation quote, visit the product page at our site

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