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The best tech gadgets for design companies

Choosing the best tech gadget for a design company: this is today’s mission. Each gadget should blend aesthetics and functionality, this is the fundamental rule, as we have already told you in this article.

When the company in question operates in the design and furnishings sector, the aesthetics side is even more relevant. That’s why today we’re going to tell you which Maikii promotional gadgets are most popular with design brands. Let’s get started!

USB flash drives with a sought-after design: simple or retro?

USB flash drives are still one of the most popular promotional gadgets for brands thno at choose a tech accessory to be remembered by its customers and partners. Which models do design companies go for? There are two aspects that attract them the most: simplicity and retro appeal.

Brands with a simple and minimalist style often opt for models that reflect this mood: such as the Barracuda, Bullet and Vortex models, USB flash drives with linear and clean shapes, made with materials that fuse contemporary style in the world of furnishings, such as plexiglass and metal.


Another option is that taken by those brands that adapt the retro feel to modern times: wood and other natural materials remain the stars of their creations, even if they choose to shift from more classic and convoluted lines to cleaner forms, which often bring to mind a  Nordic mood that has become all the rage in recent years.

So, the perfect candidate is a wooden USB flash drive, better still with a modern and smooth shape. What do we suggest for such choice? The ultra thin Razor Wood, the classic Twister Wood and Tock, with the handy interlock cap. Which is the right one for your brand?


Not just flash drives: power banks and wireless changers with a natural look for your company

Staying with the theme of natural materials, let’s move on to another category. Let’s take a look at chargers for smartphones and tablets. Our Bamboo line offers products able to satisfy every need in terms of functionality and design, while still retaining the aspect of clean lines and refinement.

Chargers belonging to the Bamboo line include the Wireless Round charger, with a simple and perfect shape, and two power banks with a more blocky shape: Power Bamboo Rectangle and Power Bamboo Square.


Even more tech ideas for your promotional gadgets

Last but not least, two new additions with a truly original look that will ensure your design brand is never forgotten by your partners, trade fairs and all future new associates.

The first suggestion is the wireless charger which also acts as a handy valet tray: a furnishing accessory that is as simple as it is indispensable, which is a must-have in every home. And, in the case of Wireless Tray, valet trays now come with a new, very useful function: that of a charger for your smartphone, that you or your guests can use.


Today’s last suggestion recalls the more vintage and romantic mood of wooden accessories. We’re talking about Frame Bluetooth, an audio speaker with a sought-after design, which stands out from the other audio speakers in our catalogue thanks to its shell, made from a single piece of wood.


That’s all for today! Looking for more ideas for your promotional gadgets? Check out our full catalogue!

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