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The future of storage will be cable free: welcome, wi-fi disk

The future of smartphone expandable memories will be wireless.
The micro SD used by most devices, as versatile as they are comfortable, will soon be replaced by a latest generation portable hard disk.

We are talking about the wi-fi wireless disk, simple external memory which allows you to expand the storage space of your mobile phones in a practical, fast way, without the use of USB cables. This solution will also be useful for all iPhone owners, since the device created by the Cupertino company does not allow the use of memory cards.

Many Apple users (including iPad owners) already use “cloud storage” services, which allow them to keep their data on the network on special servers. Their use, however, proves to be quite expensive (the price list also includes monthly subscriptions at 10 euros), not to mention the security in terms of data protection.

With the wi-fi disk, instead you can achieve a great performance at low prices, so we decided to add the Wi-Fi Disk Air Drive into our catalogue, a portable 32GB and 64GB Wi-Fi, capable of transposing and transferring files to and from your smartphone, completely without the use of cables, using wi-fi technology and the use of an app. A sort of USB wireless key, which can be connected to the PC to transfer data if necessary.

This device is compatible with iOs, Android and Windows and the Hidisk application, which is convenient and user-friendly, is available in the App store and Google Play.

The wi-fi disk and the app grant you:
• backup for your phone, by quickly transferring images and videos from one device to another to free up smartphone memory;
• to easily manage the copying and deleting of files;
• to know, at any time, the available storage space on the wi-fi disk;
• to support up to 6 users for file sharing and up to 3 users for simultaneous video playback, including streaming.

What’s more, Air Drive also works as an access point for the Wi-Fi network for the B, G, N standards.

The battery life is 3 hours, and it is rechargeable by connecting it to a power source (PC or wall socket) via USB cable.

A factor of interest is that this small, square shell can be customized with a company logo in silk-screen and four-colour process: it could be an excellent idea for a promotional gift for employees or customers, a high-end gift, perfect for the most original and ambitious projects.

To find out more and consult all the technical info, visit the product page on our website at

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