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The Smartphone is our travel companion. Here are some accessories for safely using it in automobiles

Attenzione allo smartphone in mano mentre si guida

The use of smartphones has become common even in situations that we might not immediately think of using it in. One of these is while driving an automobile.

Be careful of having a smartphone in your hand while driving!

The Modena Civil Court in Italy convicted a driver caught with his mobile phone to his ear despite the fact he was not even engaged in a telephone call. After examining the circumstances, the judges decided to convict him anyway because the danger of being distracted is not so much related to having a conversation on the phone as it is the posture assumed while holding it. Having a hand away from the wheel in order to hold your mobile phone detracts from driving accuracy. As the Italian Highway Code states, “The driver must have full freedom of movement to carry out the maneuvers necessary for driving,” and for this reason, the hands must be free of objects and dedicated to holding the steering wheel or shifting gears.

A valid aid for motorists

We’ve paid particular attention to the legal and security issues related to the use of smartphones while at the wheel. For this reason, we’ve decided to include in our catalogue promotional gadgets for using smartphones in total safety while driving.

Magnetic Holder: a very handy magnetic holder for automobiles compatible with all smartphones. By applying the metal plate supplied on the back of the telephone or on the cover, the magnet will keep the phone firmly attached to the holder. This, in turn, is secured to the car’s air vents with a universal rubber hook. The mobile phone can then be safely oriented to any angle.

round2square2Magneto Holder Rectangle

Slide Holder: This is a small extendible vice that makes it suitable for smartphones of different sizes. It’s equipped with anti-scratch pads in a vibrant contrasting colour that protect the phone’s surfaces.


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