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How to solve the problem of only one lightning port on iPhones

You’re listening to your favourite song with your headphones connected to your iPhone. Maybe you’re sat on the train or you’re travelling when all of a sudden… your battery dies! “No problem!” you think, because you can charge your phone by connecting to your power bank or plugging your cable into the socket on the train or car. But in reality, you are posed with a dilemma! The lightning earpods need that port, so you have to choose: either continue listening to music or charge your phone before it turns off! It’s a difficult choice, one that people who are in your situation can empathise with.

So it’s not hard to imagine that, if you were to receive a Lightning splitter as a gift, you’d be very happy indeed! So why not give it as a promo gift? We are sure that this gift will be used again and again, and not just left in the drawer as often happens with free gifts.

Maikii’s lightning splitter can be personalised with your company logo

The splitter is a functional accessory which allows you to instantly double the iPhone’s functions. It has a soft rubber surface which, on the one side, features the charge and audio symbols to distinguish the two functions, and on the other features a free surface where you can place your company logo in embossed pvc.

Thanks to this system, iPhone users can enjoy not only the benefit of a multi-task lightning port, but also the quality of sound which is comparable to the sound you get through traditional headphones with the jack. As a matter of fact, the lightning earpods can use the potential of the integrated Apple processor and offer superior sound quality.

Discover our personalisable lightning splitter – it could be your next business gadget!



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