Corporate promotion becomes eco-sustainable
You no longer need to choose between functionality and eco-sustainability: the products in this range are made from recycled materials, such as plastic or paper, materials of plant origin such as wheat fibre, wood or bamboo, and natural elements alternative to plastic, such as those found in cement. With these products, you can reduce environmental impact, and you’ll be amazed by the quality and appeal.
Because they bring added value to your brand.
Recent years have, no doubt, confirmed the theory that links corporate reputation to sustainability. It has become clear that ethical corporate practices play a key factor in confirming the competitive positioning of a company and in shaping its external perception.

We have made the transition from a linear to a circular economy and, today, we find ourselves in the thick of the eco-circular economy. A time where the “ECO” suffix identifies a series of concrete activities that every company must adopt in order to respond to the needs and demands of consumers – not only today’s consumers, but above all those of the future.

Indeed, today’s consumer pays close attention to the sustainability of the production process, showing a preference for goods and services that are the result of ethical choices, starting from raw materials. Making sustainable or eco-sustainable choices is, therefore, becoming an extremely effective business tool for brands and, no doubt, a competitive advantage.

For Maikii, staying abreast of the latest trends is key – and green thinking is certainly one of them. Every small gesture represents a real change and, no doubt, environmental sensitivity is a value that must be nurtured and supported through the adoption of effective actions.

We, therefore, decided to focus on a series of eco-materials such as, for example, cement recovered from processing waste granules (these are milled and grouted, creating a mixture which is then left to dry in a mould with the shape of the desired object) or bamboo, the biodegradable material par excellence, as well as cork which guarantees lightness and malleability.