Gadgets as promotional gifts: how to choose them?


When thinking of promotional gifts usually the first things that come up to one’s mind are the traditional pens or branded agendas: but are we sure that these are the best gadgets to present the company to a customer and make him not forget about it? Among other things, in the digital era, giving gifts like the ones just mentioned can seem anachronistic. What then to choose? Aiming at the function of the gadget is surely a good criterion to make up one’s minds. So we should start wondering about what the client (or a potential one) can need, regardless the individual characteristics.

Well, by now everyone has his own smartphone and uses it daily for all the time to perform activities of any aspect: from interpersonal communication to the most various ones. Naturally, the advice is not to donate a smartphone as a promotional gift, but rather to provide a solution to the ‘dead battery’ issue in the less suitable moments: so a power bank is the way, namely an energy charger to keep always on hand. Maikii offers the opportunity to choose among many shapes and dimensions of power banks, to customize by either silkscreen, four-colour process, laser engraving, or raised ink, depending on the bodywork material. Besides, it is possible to make an order to Maikii of a 3D Power Bank to model with the shape wanted, such as for example a miniature with the sold product or the logo.

Another gadget that could fit the addressee’s wishes with its usefulness is a USB key: whom has never had one in his life? Transfer data from a computer to another is an operation that everybody does almost daily, at work as in private life. Even for this gadget, Maikii offers many choices as regards shapes, colours, customization across the most modern printing techniques. In addition, it is possible to design ad hoc pen drive in 2D and 3D to replicate whatever’s is in your mind: just come up with an idea and Maikii will make it real.

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