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USB connections have always been a part of our digital lives. Over the years, we have seen standards such as USB-A, micro-USB and lightning but now it is time to embrace the versatility and power of Type C.   

This is a real revolution in connectivity dictated by the EC Directive and other applicable regulations, which establish the safety and compliance requirements for European Type C connectors.  

But what are the benefits of Type C connectors? Let’s find out together: 

  • Versatility: Type C is reversible, meaning it can be plugged in either way, eliminating the frustration of trying to insert the connector in the right direction.  
  • Universal Standard: Type C is becoming a universal standard for many applications, including laptops, smartphones, tablets, audio devices and more. This standardisation makes life easier for users, as one connector can be used for several devices.  
  • Advanced Power and Connectivity: Type C supports Power Delivery (PD), which allows higher power to be delivered to devices. This feature is particularly useful for fast charging of devices, connecting to external monitors and powering accessories. 

At Maikii, we are attentive to technological innovations, in fact we are adapting our catalogue products to encourage this standardisation.  

COMPACT: is the USB 3.0 flash drive with Type C connector, with a minimal and compact design, practical and versatile for transferring data between various next-generation devices such as smartphones, PCs, etc.   

INPUT: is the hub with Type C connector cable that allows you to connect multiple devices simultaneously by centralising connections from different sources and reducing cable clutter.   

SNAKE: is the 1-metre-long tangle-free cable made of soft silicone. It is soft and flexible, allowing devices to be easily connected to each other without uncomfortable tangles.  

In general, USB Type C is a more advanced and versatile solution than traditional USB connectors, and by autumn 2024, all portable devices (smartphones, laptops, tablets, headsets, …) sold in EU countries will have to adopt a USB Type C charger.   

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready for this revolution in the world of connectivity and choose the product that best suits your needs on our website. 

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