What’s in my bag?

    We all know that September is the month where summer officially ends, where the holidays come to an close and you return to the office to face the usual routine. However, it is also the month where many new plans get started, full of enthusiasm and expectation!

    That’s why here at Maikii, we have decided to surprise all our customers with an extensive range of new products: earphones, Bluetooth speakers, eco-friendly items, USB drives and much more, and you can fit it all into… a backpack!

    Are you ready to set off with us on this new beginning?

    Let’s delve into the latest in the Maikii catalogue:


    This black backpack, in waterproof material, comes with padded and adjustable straps. It features a rolltop opening with an adjustable lobster clasp closure. It features an internal mesh pocket with a zip, a large external front pocket with a waxed zip and an anti-theft compartment for the PC on the back. It is perfect for both work and leisure: its size is in fact 27 x 44 x 11 cm (closed) and it has a roughly 16 litre capacity. Ideal for laptops, but also excellent for travelling. The front of the backpack can be customized with your company logo or graphics.  


    Bamboo earphones with wheat fibre controller and hemp cable, in the natural colour of its materials, with a 55 mAh battery capacity. The back of the controller can be customized. The Hemp earphones come witha charging cable and  2 sets of spare earphones. Furthermore, the earphones are shipped directly from our facilities within 24/48 hours of order confirmation; therefore, delivery takes place in 24 or 72 hours depending on the destination area. 


    Metal USB flash drive with an essential and slim design a memory chip that is housed inside the body. This USB is available in silver colour and its peculiarity is the customizable LED logo on the front in various colours such as green, white, blue and red. Furthermore, a key ring is fastened to its end making it very useful for attaching laces and other accessories.  


    10W cardboard wireless charger with which you can recharge your smartphone without connecting it via cable, but simply by placing it on the surface of the device. The peculiarity of its material makes it both a light product to carry around and eco-friendly. The cable, which is roughly 80cm long, is found inside and is completely removable. Cartoon is equipped with a USB Type-C port and is available in the natural colour of its material. It is customizable on the top with logos and graphics via digital printing. Another strong point is the delivery time: it can be shipped from our facilities within 24/48 hours from order confirmation, and delivery takes place in 24 or 72 hours depending on the destination area. 


    Eco-friendly 3W Bluetooth speaker in Bluetooth 5.0 version, covered in cardboard and wheat fibre. The speaker has a round base and small dimensions (6.2 x 8 cm); it is rechargeable via USB cable and has a battery life of roughly 3 hours of continuous listening on a single charge. Jukebox is customizable on 2 sides viadigital printand is available in the natural colour of its material. Furthermore, thanks to its immediate availability on site, you can receive this product within 24 to 72 hours after the order is confirmed, depending on the destination areas.  


    Multiple ABS connector, roughly 16 cm, equipped with four different types of cables: USB A, Type-C, Micro USB and Lighting, all with charging function for smartphones and other devices. Medusa is available in white or black and itsframe is provided with a functional hole for laces or accessories. The ABS surface is customizableon both sides, with company logos or graphics. 


    2 W ABS Bluetooth speaker, in great demand thanks to its size: roughly 3 x 3 cm, it is the smallest speaker in the catalogue, pocket-sized and very comfortable for carrying around. Despite its size, however, it has a battery life ranging from 3-6 hours and a 10 metre range. Cask is available in white and thanks to its soft touch cover it is also water resistant. The speaker can be customized on both sides.  


    Wireless Bluetooth earphones equipped with True Wireless Stereo technology and a 3 hour battery life. The case, circular in size and available in white, black or Pantone, also works as a charging base and comes with a 360 mAh battery. In addition, the Moon earphones come with packaging that features a silicone strap making it easy to carry around. It can be customized on two sides of the case, approximately 6 x 3 cm wide, and on the external surfaces of the earphones with logos and graphics.  


    PopGrip Plant is the green variant of the famous PopSockets®, the patented smartphone holder that can be customized with a company logo for promotional use. Its peculiarity is that it is made with at least 1/3 of completely recyclable materials of vegetable origin, such as corn starch, castor beans and canola oil. Once attached on the back of the device, PopGrip becomes a practical support to keep the phone in an upright position, or a comfortable grip allowing to grab it with just one hand and write messages, watch videos or take photos. It also works as a cable reel to keep cables or earphones tidy. The distance between the adhesive base and the external surface is adjustable: thanks to its patented mechanism PopGrip Plant can expand, be compacted or fold on one side depending on the uses. The upper disc can be customized with logos and graphics by digital print and it is interchangeable. There is an extra adhesive inside the box for applying to smooth glass surfaces.  


    ESSENCE is the Power Bank Cellularline that guarantees excellent performance for a smartphone emergency recharge, delivering up to 12W of power. It is equipped with two USB-C and MICRO USB INPUT ports for charging the battery charger and a USB OUTPUT port for charging the device.Its design is developed to offer the best performance: the anti-slip paint and soft touch material coating offer solidity to the grip and pleasantness to the touch. 

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