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    In an increasingly hectic and noisy world, finding a quiet moment can seem like a rarity. Fortunately, thanks to Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology, the listening experience with headphones and earphones is being radically transformed.  

    What is ANC technology  

    ANC technology, which stands for ‘Active Noise Cancellation‘, represents a revolution in audio. It is an advanced system designed to reduce or eliminate unwanted sounds from the surrounding environment, providing a more immersive and distraction-free listening experience. Imagine then being able to create a bubble of silence around you, wherever you are. This is exactly what active noise cancellation allows you to do.  

    How it works   

    The way ANC technology works is based on microphones built into devices, such as headphones and earphones, that detect external noise. These microphones capture ambient sounds, which are then analysed by an internal processor. Once identified, these are counterbalanced by producing opposing sound waves, effectively cancelling out external noise. The result? You can enjoy your music, podcasts or calls without being disturbed by annoying noises such as road traffic or surrounding conversations. 

    This innovation has become a key feature in many high-quality headphones and earphones on the market. 


    We at Maikii offer you our TUNE, a wireless over-ear headphone with BT 5.1. They are an innovative product with ANC technology, made of recycled plastic, with a foldable design that reduces bulk and makes them comfortable to carry. These headphones feature manual controls to manage the volume, change songs and answer calls directly from the device. In addition, they come with sustainable packaging designed to be reusable. By following the instructions on the packaging, the pack can be transformed into a perpetual calendar ideal for the desk.   

    In conclusion, ANC technology is defining the future of audio. Whether you are a music enthusiast, a frequent traveller or a professional seeking concentration, ANC offers an unprecedented sound experience. 

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