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For companies, it’s time to write a letter to Father Christmas!


It still seems early, but for companies now is the time to start thinking about Christmas gadgets to give away to employees and customers. From this perspective, nothing is more appropriate than promotional accessories that combine utility with the possibility of promoting one’s own brand in an intelligent and unconventional way. So, this Christmas we have selected for you a series of products suitable for different types of companies based on price and needs.

Small, cheap and useful gadgets

Among our cheapest gadgets, three are particularly distinguished by their usefulness combined with ease of transport, and here they are:

3in1 Magnetic Cable
This is a USB cable with a triple Micro, Lightning and Type C connector, suitable for both data transfer and charging devices up to 2A. When not in use, the cable turns into a convenient key ring by joining the two ends with a magnet and using the appropriate metal ring. Both the silicone cable and various connectors are available with a screen-printed company logo.


Stand-up Phone
A desk stand for smartphones and tablets, useful for keeping devices in both vertical and horizontal positions to comfortably view the screen, watch videos, surf the net and keep your hands free at the same time. The opening can be adjusted depending on the size of the device, and the support surface is coated with a soft and scratch-resistant material. Once closed, Stand-Up Phone becomes compact and thin, practical for carrying around. The external plastic sides can be customized with a screen-printed company logo.


Slide Holder Small
This accessory is perfect for using your smartphone in the car. It’s an extendable vice-type holder and is compatible with smartphones of any size. The vice is coated with anti-slip and anti-scratch silicone pads. This accessory can be customized with pad-printed logos.


Once you have these gadgets in your hand, you’ll never look back

Below we have listed some selected accessories which companies can use to impress employees and customers, without spending too much money. Their strength lies in the fact that, once they are used, they will most definitely become an essential.

Basic Kit
This is a selected assortment of tech products already featured in the Maikii catalogue: the white Loop car battery charger with blue border, the white 2in1 USB cable with dual Micro and Lightning connectors, and the white Dot earphones. The kit comes with a small black EVA plastic case with a zip closure. The kit allows you to travel with all your essential technology. Both the case and the accessories can be customized with a pad-printed company logo.


Barrel Bluetooth
Dedicated to all music and technology lovers, Barrel Bluetooth is an elegant small Bluetooth speaker with a 400 mAh lithium battery. It has a runtime of 5 hours and a wireless range of 10 metres. It has a round base and is customizable along the entire circumference with screen-printed logos or a laser engraving.


Mouse Click
Click is a wireless mouse with a wireless receiver that connects to the USB port of a PC. The beauty of this product is that it has a really wide and completely flat print area, which allows the printing of not just company logos but also full-screen graphics using screen-printing and four-colour printing.


A series of unique and inimitable gadgets

For the most demanding companies, we have selected a series of promotional accessories to impress employees and customers.

Air Drive
Revolutionary and completely wireless expandable memory for smartphones. Air Drive is the wireless version of a USB stick or a hard drive, in other words an external memory bank used to store data, and therefore allowing you to free up storage space on your smartphone without the need for USB cables. It differs from “cloud storage” services because it is much safer and doesn’t require a monthly fee. The Mini Air Drive hard drive allows you to receive and transfer files to and from your smartphone via Wi-Fi technology and the use of an app. It is the ideal accessory for those who often work on-the-go and have a large amount of important data stored on their smartphone or tablet. The small square plastic shell can be customized with a screen-printed and four-colour printed company logo.


Dude TWS
These are Bluetooth earphones equipped with True Wireless Stereo technology and case with magnetic induction charging base. Bluetooth 4.2 enhances both speed and energy savings which guarantee long-lasting listening (2.5 hours continuously) together with the 500 mAh battery. To recharge them, simply put them in the case also equipped with a 400 mAh battery.


Action Cam Ride
The Action Cam Ride is a small camcorder designed for video shooting, even in first-person. It’s available in Full HD (1080p) or Ultra HD (4k) versions that also include the possibility of a Wi-Fi connection. Both models have a two-inch LCD screen, a 900 mAh battery with a 6-hour battery life and a micro USB port for charging. The numerous accessories that come with this video camera allow you to attach it to helmets, bikes, cars, motorcycles and other surfaces, making it perfect for outdoor shooting even in first-person, as well as for any divers thanks to the waterproof case included in the set. This promotional gadget, perfect for companies in the sports or outdoor sector, can be customized with a screen-printed logo and the minimum order starts from just 100 pieces.


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