How to pack for a business trip: some useful tips

Luggage Tag


On average, business trips last for two to three days. “How will I manage to fit everything into one small case?” is often the question on the minds of those travelling for work.

Here are some useful pointers for business trips – if you’re a traveller, and how to turn business trips into a branding opportunity – if you’re a company.

A small case packed with the essentials

Considering that, when travelling on business, you normally leave in the morning and come back in the evening the day after, the first thing to do is choose a small cabin suitcase (55cmx40cmx20cm) which is easy to carry on-board, if you’re travelling by plane. Only pack the clothes you need for the days you’ll be away, deciding on your outfits in advance. Don’t worry about pyjamas if they’re too bulky, all you need is a t-shirt as the temperature inside hotels is always pleasant! For toiletries, travel packs are an excellent choice, especially if you’re flying as the liquid containers don’t exceed the 75ml permitted, plus…. they come in a transparent plastic bag!

It can never hurt to take some medicine with you!

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t like taking medicine with you when you travel to avoid tempting fate, then it’s time to change your mind! You need to stay focused and healthy when travelling on business, meaning that even a common cold could become a problem. That’s why it’s advisable to pack some basic “medicine” in your case.

Technology helps on your travels!

Those who travel frequently for work simply cannot do without “mobile” technology. Whether you prefer a laptop, smartphone or tablet, you must always remember your charger and power bank, an “extra” energy supply at your fingertips. Lastly, good old USB keys always come in handy to transport or quickly transfer digital documents.

Make sure your case is easy to recognise: the Maikii luggage tag can help!

We all try and avoid losing our luggage, but unfortunately this can happen. If this happens when travelling on business, when you have less time to get your bag back and you risk losing material you need for work, the experience is even more unpleasant. However, it is just as easy to avoid and resolve this situation by simply using a luggage tag with your name on it.


This is a real must-have accessory when you travel, which is why we’ve included the 100 % Custom Luggage Tag in our Maikii catalogue, a luggage tag made from soft PVC that can be customised with embossed features. This original idea is the perfect choice for a company that wants to give its employees or customers a useful gift. On one side, there is the space to write your personal details, with the possibility of inserting completely customised logos or graphics on the other. If we’ve sparked your curiosity, you can check out this product here.



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