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Caddy: the personalisable card holder with RFID block


In order to protect our bank account, covering the number pad on the ATM or keeping secret your PIN number is no longer enough when we withdraw money. The tools available to thieves are more technological and the security industry has also evolved over time.

Ways to clone credit cards

The most traditional method is cloning credit or debit cards at ATM machines is this: professional thieves install what is called a “skimmer”, a device which reads the card data, and a tiny camera. The skimmer copies the data, while the camera reveals the pin number. Usually, the person entering the information is not aware of anything, because he or she has completed the transaction with no problems at all. Today, almost all ATM machines are fitted with anti-skimming systems, so security levels have increased.

But what many may not know is that you simply need to be walking in the street with your credit card in your wallet to risk it getting cloned. It could be considered the final frontier of pickpocketing, but in technical terms, it’s called “RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) skimming”. Thieves can obtain sensitive data simply by being in proximity to the card.

What is RFID skimming exactly?

Contactless credit cards have become more widespread. They allow you to make a transaction simply by tapping your card on the card machine; this exposes us to even more use of RFID technology for illegal purposes, namely card cloning.  In order for cloning to happen, we need to be very close to the aspiring thief, for example on public transport, in the queue at a supermarket or at an airport check-in line.

Personalised card holder with RFID block: Maikii’s got it covered

Then how can you protect yourself? To keep your contactless cards safe, you just need a card holder with an RFID block. This is why we have introduced the Caddy Cardholder to the catalogue, a card holder with RFID block which ensures protection from data theft and total isolation from magnetic sources.

The satined aluminium shell is available in black, silver and red, and it protects cards even from physical damage and knocks. It contains up to 5 cards, and a small lever/latch mechanism quickly releases them from the holder, displaying them in a way which is easy to recognise and extract them. This light and compact cardholder is a suitable business gift, perfect for all budgets. It is customisable with the company logo on both sides thanks to laser incision, a technology which can design a logo which is almost indelible and ensure a long-lasting result.

Discover our new card holders with RFID block perfect as a promotional gadget and personalisable with your company logo!



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