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The perfect water bottle: how to choose


How many times have we tried to drink at least 2 litres of water a day? Luckily, to help us drink more, an eco-friendly trend came to our aid and now drinking is much more pleasant. We are talking about the water bottle, a real accessory you always want to carry around with you.

But what features should a water bottle have to be of good quality, handy and cool?

The reasons for its success

It is a year now that the bottle has rightly become a super sought-after company gadget. Its success stems partly from increasing sensitivity to environmental issues since its use reduces the use of disposable plastic. Then there is the practical element: there is no need to leave for a campsite to appreciate the convenience of having water or hot drinks on hand. And, finally, the appeal: some bottles, besides being handy, have extraordinary technical or aesthetic features.

But if you need to buy one, would you know what features a bottle should have to be perfect? Let’s see them now.

Guide to choosing a bottle

Personal taste is not discussed! But some bottles are objectively better than others and not for colour or shape, but for characteristics that impact on quality.


The materials with which the bottles are produced are different: aluminium, plastic, silicone, etc. If your choice falls on a plastic bottle, this should be at least BPA free, that is free of bisphenol A. However, the best material is still steel for its lightness, rust-proofing and for its ability to not retain the smells of the liquids previously contained (juices, tea, coffee). All our plastic bottles are BPA Free certified, and are therefore suitable for contact with food in compliance with the European CE and American FDA regulations. We also have a tritan bottle, a new generation co-polyester totally free of bisphenol (BPA-FREE) and therefore suitable for food use. Plastic remains the material of choice for sports bottles: in our catalogue we have two really prestigious ones, they are the Loli and the Fly of the Elite brand, an Italian company highly specialised in cycling products. Both are a concentrate of technical research for professional sport.



A functional bottle should be thermal and have a double coating inside to isolate the liquid and maintain its temperature for a long time, even for several hours, for both hot and cold drinks. We offer two thermal bottles with exceptional performance: the Hoco, in stainless steel, with a double layer separated by an air chamber, able to keep the heat up to 12 hours, and the cold up to 24 hours. And then there is Liz, the bottle of wonders, which is not only thermal but also the most technological of our range. We will tell you about it better further on.



It is important to keep the bottle always clean especially because micro-organisms not visible to the naked eye could proliferate, or mould and fungi when we fill it with sugary drinks. That is why both the cap and the inside should be washed every day with warm water and a little detergent or, if the instructions allow it, in the dishwasher. The top of the range is the self-cleaning bottle, and there are many available in our catalogue. This is Liz, a digital and self-sanitising thermal bottle. Its strong point is technology: it has an internal sterilisation system that, via UV rays, eliminates 99% of viruses, including bacteria that cause bad smells. The cap is equipped with a capacitive touch sensitive sensor and a LED light that indicates the liquid temperature via an infra-red sensor. With no interactions with the bottle, every two hours, the bright LED on the cap flashes to remind the user to drink. Thanks to the double layer wall Liz keeps drinks at the set temperature (hot or cold) from 12 to 24 hours. It is suitable to contain any type of liquid: it does not fear dyes, either natural or artificial, and no chemical agent can attack its 316L surgical stainless steel interior.


Choose the bottle as a promotional gift

As you have seen, there are many good reasons to choose a bottle from the Maikii catalogue, but the most important is the variety of options: there is a truly complete range for price range, technological level, type of materials, brand and technical performance. Choose it also for the environment: in addition to being an excellent branding tool, using the bottle helps free the planet from disposable plastic bottles.

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