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On-The-Go technology for USB flash drives

How many times did you need a fast data transfer from a USB pen drive to your smartphone but you did not have your laptop on the way? How many times did you make up for this by sending an email from your laptop to your smartphone? There’s a more practical and quick solution to these problems. The solution is called On-The-Go technology for USB flash drives (commonly referred to as OTG USB flash drives).

How USB On-The-Go technology works

With USB on-the-go technology you can get rid of cables and go wireless! Read and transfer your data directly from the USB flash drive to a smartphone. How does this work? On-The-GO USB flash drives are furnished with a standard USB connector on one side, and a micro-USB connector on the other side.
By using On-The-Go USB pen drives you will be able to connect different devices to an Android smartphone input/output port without having to use a cable. You will be able to read and transfer data immediately.
OTG USB flash drives still have the standard USB flash drives features. After saving your data on the pen drives you will be able to transfer them to another compatible device, and store them in the most comfortable way for you.
Maikii offers two different customizable On-The-Go USB flash drives: Twister OTG made of rubber and metal, and Microtech OTG made of plastic and metal. Both OTG USB flash drives models are customizable with your corporate logo or other graphics through different printing techniques depending on the models, such as epoxy resin, quadrichromy, silk screening and laser engraving.
Learn more by visiting our OTG USB flash drives page!

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