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100% custom design: 10 tech products in any shape you want!

Big news for our historic 3D personalisation service: as well as USB flash drives and power banks, we are now able to create a further 8 categories of products, transforming logos and graphics into custom three-dimensional models based on fully personalised projects, ideas and inspiration.

The new categories are: Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth trackers, multi-cables and 3in1 USB cables in two different lengths, headphones with cable wrap, wireless chargers and keyrings. With this new and more extensive product range, the budget is also made to measure because you can choose the originality of a completely personalised project within a flexible pricing structure, from the smallest budget to the largest, from the keyring to the Bluetooth speaker.

The material we use is a special soft rubber which is particularly suited to contoured shapes in 2D or 3D. Our minimum order quantity starts from only 100 items and you can find out the cost of a project in minutes, obligation-free thanks to our new online quote: choose the product, select a format, choose the number of colours and your quote is ready!

This service also opens the way for a broader view of promotional products because you can create an entire range of tech products which are of different types but share the same graphic concept: a genuine gift set with accessories from the same family.

Now all you need to do is try it out: choose the type of product you prefer from the options available and tell us your idea. Starting from your design and logo we will create a customised promotional accessory that is 100% made to measure!

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