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The promotional gift at the touch of a button: the personalized mouse


A gift always puts people in a good mood, especially when it’s unexpected. We’re often surprised by companies, offices or stores that decide to present their clients with a gift to celebrate events, openings or anniversaries. And the element of surprise never fails.

In fact, 94% of those who have received a promotional gift can remember exactly where they were given it and under what circumstances. And most importantly, 85% of recipients end up purchasing a product or service from the company concerned. So the numbers speak for themselves and show that promotional gifts are an excellent marketing tool.

Firstly, let’s start with some fundamentals: the numbers show that companies are inclined to use customized gifts, in other words, items that clearly convey the company’s identity. Secondly, it’s important to identify the habits and requirements of your clients in order to choose the right gift item.

It also goes without saying that the best promotional gifts are those used on an everyday basis: useful and appreciated items from both an aesthetic and functional point of view; items that can take their place, for example, on your client’s desk.

Maikii Mouse Click: the perfect gift for a desk

When it comes to corporate gifts suitable for everyday use by your clients and colleagues, a mouse is an obvious choice; once it’s found its place on the desk, whoever receives it, sees it or uses it will be introduced to or reminded of the company that gave it to them.

This is why we’ve also included the Mouse Click in the range of office accessories available from our promotional catalogue. It’s a cordless mouse with wireless receiver to connect to the USB port of a PC.

This item is not only functional but is also very easy to personalize. Its rectangular surface is completely flat, offering a spacious printing surface, so it would almost seem a shame just to screen-print your company logo!

10_Mouse Click(singolo)

This is the perfect gift for covering the whole surface in graphics, using various shades of colour using CMYK printing. Here are some of our suggestions for customizing the item, and if we’ve convinced you to choose this as your next corporate gift, you can find it here!

10_Mouse Click(multiplo)

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