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Customised water bottles that are ideal for both your health and the environment: Maikii’s ideas!

Spring has just begun and we are ready to immerse ourselves in nature and fully enjoy these days! In fact, now more than ever, we need to travel, play sports and feel free to go out and embark on new experiences, but let’s not forget about respect for the environment!  

We have therefore decided to offer you the perfect gadget for a company which is not only attentive to customers or their well-being, but also to recycling and the green lifestyle! We are talking about the new customised water bottles, thanks to which we will avoid using single-use plastic bottles, thus creating large quantities of waste.  

According to a 2021 report by Greenpeace, in fact, roughly 13 billion plastic (PET) bottles are produced every year in Italy and of these more than half, or roughly 7 billion , are not recycled! This data isnow becoming unsustainable for our planet and we want to actively contribute to change. 

We have selected three customisable water bottles that have been very successful, both during trade fairs and among our customers, and that are environmentally friendly and conscious of our health: 

FRESH: the digital and self-sanitizing water bottle

Fresh is the customisable 750 ml water bottle,equipped with an internal sterilization system which, by means of UV rays, eliminates the majority of viruses and bacteria. The cap is in fact equipped with an LED display thanks to which, by tapping twice, sterilization is activated.  

The Fresh customisable bottle is suitable for containing any type of liquid, it does not fear colourants, neither natural nor artificial, and no chemical agent can affect its interior made of 304 stainless steel for food use. It also has a 220 mAh battery that can be recharged via a USB Type-C cable.  

It is available in white and is supplied with a silicone strap, convenient for easily carrying around. Like all our water bottles, it can be customised with laser-engraved logos. 

FRESH: the digital and self-sanitizing water bottle

SMART: the digital and intelligent water bottle 

Smart is a digital and intelligent water bottle. Through its touch-screen display in the cap, Smart allows you to set an alarm to remind you to drink (1 hour, 1.5 hours or 2 hours). In addition, there are three different colours to indicate the internal temperature of the liquid.  

Thanks to its double stainless steel chamber, it is a bottle suitable to contain any type of liquid, with a capacity of 600 ml.  

Smart is available in black and can be customised with laser engraved logos. 

SMART: the digital and intelligent water bottle

HOCO: the stainless steel thermal water bottle 

Hoco is a stainless steel thermal water bottle with a double layer enclosure and a 500ml capacity. Stainless steel is the most suitable material for water bottles because, while resisting oxidation and corrosion, it does not release any substance and avoids contamination. Furthermore, thanks to its low conductive capacity, it can be considered an actual thermal insulator. This feature is amplified by the structure of this bottle: a double layer separated by an air chamber, capable of maintaining the heat up to 12 hours, and cold up to 24 hours. 

The Hoco thermal water bottle is available in the natural colour of the steel, bright grey, and can be customised in pad printing in 3 colours and by laser engraving.  

HOCO: the stainless steel thermal water bottle

These products are not only ideal for you, but also for the environment and those around you! What are you waiting for? Choose Maikii and discover Drinkware , our selection of customised thermal water bottles. 

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