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Popsockets: from consumer gadgets to promotional gadgets


Popsockets® have taken over the world in very little time, expanding even more the vast range of functions offered by our smartphones. What are they exactly?  PopSockets are functional, fun gadgets which are available in Europe only through Maikii and are personalisable for your company.

Do you not yet know what a Popsockets® is? Let’s find out how they work

Popsockets® are simple gadgets designed for smartphones and invented in 2012 by the American company PopSockets®, from Boulder, Colorado. The idea was simple and innovative: attach two buttons to the back of your smartphone so you can wrap your headphone cables around them, preventing them from getting tangled up. It didn’t take long for new designs to be developped: the most popular version today is the single Popsockets® to attach to the back of your phone or on the cover.


What are its functions? In addition to wrapping earphones, it allows you to comfortably hold your smartphone in your hand: you can watch videos, take photos or even write messages. PopSockets® become a practical stand to hold your phone up vertically or to watch and take videos.

Beware of imitations: there’s only one real PopSockets®!

What can you do? As soon as one genius idea comes along, thousands of imitations follow. PopSockets® is no exception. Given how successful this simple gadget has become in a short amount of time, imitations have started appearing on the market, but beware! The real PopSockets® works thanks to an extension/compression mechanism which allows it to expand, become compact or folding on one side depending on the use you make of it on that given occasion. It is a patented mechanism which is very different from the ones offered by the imitations available at cheaper prices on the market.



Furthermore, the sticker that allows you to stick PopSockets® to the back of your phone has been purposefully studied to protect the surface of your smartphone or cover.

Functional, fun and personalisable: PopSockets® and Maikii

Last but not least: PopSockets® allows you to bring personality to your smartphone by adding a touch of colour, a design, or a photograph. Companies can get to use it as a promotional gadget: in Europe, Maikii has been chosen by PopSockets® as the company authorised to distribute these gadgets for promotional purposes.

What does this mean? That if you have a company and you want an original gadget that will make your clients remember you, you can contact us to create personalised PopSockets®! The external surface is round and it is personalisable with designs and logos available in digital print and other variations.

What are you waiting for? Win over your clients! Ask for your personalisable PopSockets® right away!


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