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Augmented reality at Maikii

The potential applications of Augmented Reality in the promotional market 

There is a lot of talk about Augmented Reality (AR) which has been a part of our daily life for some time, but what does it mean to make the most of this opportunity within the promotional market? 

At Maikii the technology now plays an important role: imagine scanning a QR code on a product sheet with a tablet or smartphone, the system recognising it and then perfectly mapping it to the reality that the person is experiencing at that precise moment. Or during a presentation, when putting together a brief, to gather concrete ideas about a project.  

Maikii has always been naturally inclined towards innovation and future technologies, and it has been ready right from the outset to include AR in its commercial processes and beyond. 

Augmented Reality has already been integrated in several other areas, predominantly in entertainment, and now in the world of corporate gadgets: a new tool to bridge the gap between the company and its customers in a market where being “global” is not only a mere aspect, but an essential requirement.  


AR technology has now become a fully fledged form of visual content management, allowing us to add a new dimension of information to our products by enabling customers to interact with them on a deeper level. 

This has begun a revolution in the Customer Experience, with our products now able to be seen in real physical contexts to aid customers in their selection processes, guided by the highly informative approach that sets us apart. 

One thing is for certain: the status quo is ready to be turned on its head, and Augmented Reality will enable us to develop an ever wider array of applications with our imagination and creativity.

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