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Custom gadgets: how they must be to really work

Whether it’s a small company or an established brand, self-promotion through personalized gadgets is essential to give visibility to your brand and to retain customers. The choice often falls on everyday objects that have the goal of giving the customer a positive memory of the brand and the services it offers.


They must be functional and for daily use

The most functional gadgets are those that are used most easily and frequently so that every time the customer uses them, he or she constantly has an eye on the brand and the company. Conversely, useless or rarely used gadgets will be disposed of quickly or left in a drawer.


“Originality” is the keyword for a winning custom gadget

The gadgets that a company gives to its customers should be as unique, creative and original as possible. This will increase brand recognition and popularity.


Custom gadgets are not only for customers, but also for employees

Many companies should begin considering that gadgets given to their employees promote a sense of belonging and team spirit in a very spontaneous way. Rewarding the team, both with useful and symbolic gifts, is a great way to make the professional environment more enjoyable.


Custom gadgets: the numbers speak for themselves!

Some figures released by the PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) unquestionably support the thesis that promotional gadgets are a great way to promote your brand:

•   94% of people remember when and where they received a promotional item and of these, 84% show that they appreciated it, while 85% are even willing to do business with the company that provided it.

•   58% of the people who received the promotional gadget said to keep them for a period of one to 4 years.

•   89% of these are inclined to re-contact the company up to 24 months after receiving the gadget.


Social Influencers are the new corporate ambassadors

In keeping with the evolution of social networks, Brand Ambassadors, also known as Social Influencers, have played an increasingly important role in promoting companies. These are very popular figures on the web to which companies entrust their promotional gadgets with the task of advertising them through their popularity spreading the brand name.


Maikii focuses on technological gadgets

Starting with USB flash drives that are a gadget of certain use, Maikii has decided to make many other customizable technological gadgets that are now in everyday life. In the catalog there are in fact Wireless Chargers, Power Banks – both with normal battery and induction, Earphones, Bluetooth Speakers, Bluetooth Trackers and many other accessories. For each of these product categories, it is also possible to create custom gadgets that are customized in shape and color with simple or complex geometric shapes and with a truly realistic rendering. We have dedicated a special section of our catalog to these custom design solutions.



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