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Customise to stand out: from fashion to technology, being unique pays off


It would appear that consumers are starting to get fed up of the “global” world. In fact, studies into consumption habits show that fewer and fewer people find it fun and exciting to find the same products, the same restaurants and the same fashions in every corner of the globe. There seems to be only one solution to this feeling of dissatisfaction: customisation. Each object must be unique: a designer handbag is all well and good, but it needs something extra that says something about its owner. Trainers with a well-known brand are fine, but they need to offer different uppers, fabrics and colours, so that you’ll never find two pairs the same.

In other words, we’re living in a world that has been made “global”, also by social media, and we’re looking for a strong antidote, which we can find in uniqueness. The avalanche of information that overwhelms us creates a paradoxical effect: indifference. So, if customers want to feel increasingly “special” and “unique”, then marketing simply must adapt to this new trend.

Fashion becomes customised

Even luxury brands have adapted to the concept of customisation. Louis Vuitton, for example, can customise its travel accessory collection upon request (including bags and wallets), with colourful stickers, using a special silkscreen printing technique directly on the original cloth. Gucci is also following this trend with its “Do it yourself” service, allowing customers to personalise jackets, shoes, bikers’ jackets and, of course, bags. Fendi, on the other hand, has created a service that goes one step beyond: it’s called “Customise it” and offers customers the chance to create their very own branded items. More specifically, craftsmen put together customers’ creations, creating all details by hand and finishing the product within 12 weeks.

The example of Zara

Zara, the Spanish fashion giant, has also adapted to this trend, launching Zara Trf Edited, the first completely customisable collection of denim garments. This initiative allows customers to add embroidered words onto trousers, shorts, skirts and denim jackets. This service was launched on 27th March and, for now, is available online in Spain, the UK, Holland and Italy, as well as in three physical stores: the one in Milan in Corso Vittorio Emanuele, the one in Plaça de Catalunya in Barcelona and the one in Amsterdam, along Kalverstraat.

Corporate gadgets can also be customised

Maikii has turned customisation into its trademark, not only personalising products that are already on the market but also giving companies that want to stand out the chance to create brand-new products. Our 100% Custom Design service allows you to create 100% customised accessories with your preferred shape and colours. Upon request, we can also make gadgets out of perfumed PVC. Being unique creates added value and Maikii knows how to help companies get the best out of their promotional gadgets.




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