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Wheat fibre as an alternative eco-friendly material

Quitting plastic would certainly solve many environmental issues. Actually, after decades of indiscriminate use, eliminating plastic from the production chain requires a gradual change. It is likely to think that soon we will have plastic materials with identical characteristics to the synthetic ones but totally biodegradable. In the meantime, there are viable alternatives including assembling plastic with natural materials. One of these precious allies is wheat fibre.

Where does wheat fibre come from?

Wheat fibre is a material that derives from the waste of the cultivation of wheat. It has a high cellulose content and is obtained with natural methods that separate the wheat bran from the grain. The resulting material can be completely absorbed by the soil and dissolved by atmospheric agents. How do we use it? The shells of some of our products are the result of an assembly of natural fibre and ABS plastic. This way, we limit the use of industrial plastic to a minimum and contribute to the circular recycling of food waste.

What is the advantage of using bioplastic material?

Have you ever wondered why organic waste is such an important resource? Think about it: they are widely available and are continuously generated both in large cities and in the countryside. Using them, instead of disposing of them, reduces the waste of energy and resources. They are the perfect example of what is called circular economy , in that, to obtain a product made of wheat fibre, waste material is transformed into raw material to be reused.

Tech products in wheat fibre: business promotion becomes eco-sustainable

As for consistency, it is not easy to distinguish the mixture of wheat fibre and ABS from normal plastic, because they are practically identical. Instead, what makes it recognisable is the colour: it has a texture that retains traces of the natural components, a mixture of beige, white and light brown. You can see it in some of the products you find in our eco section – an area entirely dedicated to eco-friendly products. An example is the wireless charger Plate, the Bluetooth Buzz speaker and the Natural power bank, a mixture of wheat and bamboo fibre.


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