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I cannot upload my file. What should I do?

If you are having trouble uploading customisation files, first of all check that printing has been selected in your quote. If it has not been selected, the logo uploading field will not appear in your personal page. If, instead, you had selected print in the quote and are not able to upload the files in the appropriate fields, perhaps you are using a file format that is not accepted. The accepted files are vector formats type .ai, .eps and .pdf.

Product customization

What kind of files should I provide to customise the product with my logo?

To print a logo or design on a product you will need to send us a file in vector format, which, unlike other formats, always guarantees clear printing and high-quality results. Vector files are named .pdf, .eps and .ai.

What is a vector file?

Vector files are graphic images that can be used in any size and without any loss of quality or increase in weight. This is why they are ideal for printing logos or illustrations. You can recognise vector files because they are named .pdf, .eps and .ai. Company logos are usually created in vector format, since it is suitable for all uses. If you do not have a vector file, please contact our staff by e-mail at for support.

I have uploaded the logo, what should I do now?

After uploading the logo, all you need to do is wait for us to send you the graphic design proofs. As soon as the proofs are ready, you will receive an e-mail to notify you of their arrival, and you will be able to view them directly on your profile page on the website. The average waiting time is of about 1-2 working days. If the proofs meet your expectations and you wish to confirm the order, you can do this directly online from your personal area. Otherwise, you can reject the proofs and add the reason in the appropriate notes field. Our staff will contact you to provide any support you may need. If you need help, you can contact your sales manager of reference or write to us by e-mail at


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