Alarm clock, wireless charger and UV-C steriliser
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UV-C sterilisation
Ultraviolet light has a wavelength capable of eliminating germs and bacteria. Moby uses this principle for fast sterilisation and it is free of substances harmful to the environment.
Moby is not just a UV-C sterilizer: it also works as a wireless charger, clock and alarm clock.
Safe to use
UV-C rays never meet eyes and skin. Moby switches off by itself if the container is opened during sanitization.
Total hygiene
Moby sanitizes any type of object. UV-C rays reach all surfaces at 360 degrees and without blind spots.

Science and research in favour of UV-C rays

There are more and more experiments confirming the effectiveness of ultraviolet rays in deactivating not only bacteria but also viruses responsible for epidemic infections.

Moby is a multifunctional product to be used as an alarm clock, 5W wireless charger and UV-C steriliser. This product looks like a simple digital alarm clock, but combines many features together. The most innovative is the sterilisation of objects. In fact, inside the body, which acts as an opening container, LED lamps are incorporated which emit ultraviolet light at the UV-C wavelength. Thanks to their proven sterilising and germicidal properties, it will be possible to sanitise smartphones, keys, masks, toothbrushes, scissors and much more. Just insert them inside and start the sterilisation with the appropriate button. A coil is incorporated in the lid that closes the container, thanks to which Moby also becomes a wireless charger for mobiles enabled for wireless charging. Finally, the temperature detector function is added to the alarm function. To use the product in all its functions, just connect it to a power source via USB cable and Type-C connector supplied. The display has a mirrored surface while the rest of the body is available in black and white. Moby can be customised on the upper surface with logos and graphics in screen and four-colour printing.

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Front Customisation
Silk-screen Printing, CMYK printing.

20,0 × 12,4 × 4,5 cm

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16,0 × 8,5 cm


White Box

Semi-rigid white cardboard packaging.

White Box,
Custom Window box

Cardboard box with customisable colours and sizes. It has a transparent window so the product can be seen.

Custom Window box.


Product sheet

Technical drawings

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Product sheet

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