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Eco-sustainability in companies: a great reality that includes gadgets


Environmental sustainability is not just about fashion or an attractive way to draw consumers. For many medium-large companies, environmental sustainability has become a true commitment which mirrors managers’ new sensitive mentality, and which anticipates what could one day become law.
But how do we recognize a “Green” companies? First of all, we can identify them by their processes and products, and by how they minimize their “environmental impact”. In order to measure and demonstrate their commitment to the environment, these companies very often publish a Sustainability Report: this is an annual report for employees and customers to be made aware of how the company impacts the environment, the economy and society.


Why have an eco-sustainable company?

Companies that make responsible choices by increasing their investments in energy efficiency, reducing waste and looking for ecological materials for their products, are abundantly rewarded by the results. For this reason such companies are multiplying.
The Greenitaly 2017 report published Symbola and UnionCamere attests that industries that have invested in “Green” technology over the last three years foresee an increase in turnover in 57% of the cases. This is compared to 53% of the companies that did not so invest. The same report also shows that the number of industries that have made sustainable choices is massive: almost 355,000 companies throughout Italy, with three million “Green Jobs” contributing to €195.8 billion of added value, equal to 13.1% of the total.
We must also consider the increase in attention and approval given to companies taking environmental responsibility. As a study by the Nielsen Global Survey shows, 52% of consumers in Italy are willing to pay higher prices for “Green” products.


For an eco-sustainable company start with the simple things: PaperDrive

We have chosen to support eco-sustainability with PaperDrive, a USB stick of standard dimensions and made of squared recycled cardboard. Its ecological and streamlined style makes it the ideal gadget for promoting environmental sustainability.
More and more people are supporting eco-sustainability – starting with the little things too!



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