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Recharging your smartphone: here are some tips to follow


12It’s no secret that our life these days is inextricably linked to our mobile devices, such as a tablet, and, above all, a smartphone. We often have to worry if the little battery charge left will hold out for all of our vitally important emails, phone calls or messages. This is exactly the reason for the growing popularity of Power Banks, real portable batteries that guarantee an extra boost of energy for our devices.
But perhaps not everyone knows that there are a number of useful measures that can be taken in order to recharge our smartphones properly, and ensure a longer life for their batteries.

Good charging cables are important

The cables we use to recharge our phones are crucial: it is essential to be sure of the quality of the cables purchased, so as not to damage the smartphone’s battery.

Pay attention to charging cycles

The recharge cycles are absolutely critical to ensuring correct functioning and long life for our smartphone’s battery. It used to be important to avoid over-long charging times, but today most smartphones have a sensor that greatly reduces the charging current once the charge level has reached 100%, thus avoiding the possibility of real damage to the battery. So, is it a good idea to charge your smartphone up to 100%, or is it better to stop charging before? The engineers at the major manufacturers of hi-tech accessories agree that it is better to keep the device at between 30% and 80% charge. Always letting it get to 100% or 10% could generate an imbalance in the battery, thus leaving it more easily susceptible to damage.

Saving energy is always good advice

Using “energy saving” mode is always a good solution when our battery is about to run out. All smartphones have the options to reduce brightness, stop automatic updates of apps, and to set the lock screen after 15 to 30 seconds. If you only have a little time to recharge your smartphone, the best advice is to do it with the phone on “airplane mode”. In this way, the activity of the device will be minimised, so the battery can store more energy.

A gift that’s always appreciated: Power Bank and USB cables

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