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The thousand faces of concrete


Concrete deserves to be known better. So, we all know what it is since our houses and most building constructions stand on concrete and its derivatives. But are we really sure to know all the uses, even the most original ones? Test your level of information with this post, and find out how we emphasised this material at Maikii

Identikit of concrete

Concrete is defined as hydraulic binder and is presented in the form of a finely ground powder which, once mixed with water, forms a paste that sets and hardens. In a first phase, the concrete is therefore highly malleable but, after drying, it becomes practically indestructible and takes on the solid and strong appearance we know.

Its initial flexibility allows extreme freedom of artistic expression in the projects, while its strong resistance guarantees durability over time. At the end of its life cycle, concrete can be entirely recycled and reused for the preparation of new powders or in the assembly of materials, with a view to circular economy and virtuous cycle of waste.

The life of concrete outside construction

If we open a door in the world of design we will discover that concrete is widely used in the production of objects for the home or office (vases, pen holders, decorations, etc.), both at an industrial level and in the do-it-yourself. Even the exclusive interior design skilfully uses concrete to furnish, and many artists have used it for their works. But why choose concrete among so many materials already suitable for this type of production? Because concrete, used outside its purely building context, is refined and elegant.

Its material texture recalls urban atmospheres inspired by the industrial and metropolitan world. Its rigorous appearance creates a perfect combination with the minimalist style but adapts with the same versatility to both modern and more classic styles.

Concrete: the urban chic turn of gadgets

That’s why we chose concrete to “dress” a line of promotional gadgets for our catalogue. We are sure that these products will strike you too for their refined elegance and originality. In fact, it is unusual to have home furnishings or even tech accessories combined with concrete. In our website you will find Bluetooth speakers and wireless chargers and, if you can see them live (by purchasing them for your promotional project or by requesting a sample) you will discover that they are products of a certain… weight!

And this too makes a difference in the perception of a gadget. Imagine receiving a product made of concrete as a corporate gift: the choice expresses not just taste for a refined design, but also all its stage presence, including the sensation of weight, it communicates solidity, firmness and value. In addition, you would have a useful and safe object in your hands, here are some examples.

Groove – 5W Bluetooth speaker and wireless charger for Qi technology smartphones enabled for wireless charging.


Eye – 3W Bluetooth speaker in concrete, with internal 500 mAh rechargeable battery and 4 hours of autonomy.


Valet – Trinket tray in concrete and cork with built-in 5W wireless charger, designed for smartphones equipped with Qi technology and compatible with wireless charging.


Disk – 5W Wireless charger in concrete and cork for charging smartphones with Qi technology compatible with wireless charging.


Do you want to make a promotional gadget that can be remembered? Choose the concrete models from our Eco section on the Maikii website.

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