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3D Laser: an elegant and innovative way to customise accessories

Today’s world of customised gadgets offers the highest levels of quality and a wide range of options. From the four-colour process to screen printing, and up to complete 2D and 3D customisation, accessories can truly become our mirror and that of the company we represent.
There now exists technology that enables us to customise gadgets in an elegant and distinctive way – it is called 3D Laser engraving.


How does 3D Laser engraving work?

The 3D laser is a very powerful light beam that is able to remove the upper layers of the surface of a material, creating a fine and precise carving inside it. Thanks to this technique it is possible to reproduce a graphic element such as a logo, a code, a text or a decorative element. 3D laser engraving is permanent and indelible; therefore it is not subject to the risk of deterioration or deformation. It is also a form of customization that cannot be carried out in colour, as the chromatic tonality of the engraving depends on the composition of the material to be engraved.


Barracuda and Trolley: elegant USB flash drives with 3D Laser engraving

In our catalogue there are two customisable USB flash drives with 3D laser engraving; these are the Trolley and Barracuda models. Plexiglass inserts guarantee originality, durability and total resistance to wear.

Trolley is made of plastic and metal and is equipped with a connector that, if not used, can be placed inside the metal structure to give the USB key a particular rounded shape.

Barracuda is characterized by a futuristic design and is made of transparent plastic and metal.

Both accessories are equipped with LED light that enhances the 3D engraving. Thanks to this particular effect, original “luminous writing” will highlight your brand’s logo and make these two accessories the perfect promotional gadgets.

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