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May I request a Maikiidea online quote as for the other products?

Yes, you can request a Maiikidea quote directly from the website, as for all other products. From the "Catalogue" page, select "Maikiidea" in the filter and choose between USB Flash Drives and Power Banks. After selecting the product category, you can choose from four levels of complexity for USB flash drives, and from two levels of complexity for Power Banks. The complexity is given by the type of shape (two-dimensional or three-dimensional) and the number of colours (up to 3 colours or up to 5 colours).

USB keys and Power Bank

Why is it obligatory to pay copyright to the SIAE when acquiring a USB memory stick?

Being mass storage devices, USB memory sticks are capable of storing, among other items, pre-recorded content such as music, video, concerts or other types of files which require the payment of copyright. This regulation is known as "fair compensation for a private copy" in terms of the law no. DL 68/2003. The imposition of copyright is applicable regardless of the use which the user makes of the product. The amount to be paid is calculated according to the capacity of the USB memory stick, starting from a memory capacity equal to, or greater than, 512 MB.

What does Power Bank priority mean?

A Power Bank priority is a Power Bank ready for delivery: it is available in 48 hours without customisation or in 72 hours with the logo print. It is the ideal choice when you have a limited amount of time to receive the goods. Discover all the models here

How can I customise a Power Bank?

On the product page you can find information on the types of print available for each model and on the size of the print area.

How can I choose the ideal power for a Power Bank?

To find the Power Bank that is most suited to your needs, we recommend choosing one with a capacity at least equal to, or greater than, that of the device to be recharged. For example, the battery of an iPhone 4 is 1420 mAh. A 2200mAh power bank enables you to recharge it completely about 1.5 times. The Ampere indicated in the USB port output of a Power Bank determine the speed with which the device will be recharged. In addition to selecting the right capacity, it is thus also important to choose a Power Bank with output current similar to the one indicated on the battery charger of your device. A smartphone is usually equipped with a battery charger that supplies current at approximately 1A. A tablet, instead, comes with a battery charger that supplies current at approximately 2A. Recharging a tablet with a 1A output Power Bank will require slightly longer charging times than with a 2A Power Bank. Instead, there will be no problems using a 2A output Power Bank with a smartphone, since the output current is controlled by the voltage, which is always 5V, a value established by USB port specifications. You can find further information here.

What is a Power Bank?

A Power Bank is an external battery that can be recharged by means of a USB cable from a power source such as a laptop or a wall-mounted battery charger. Once recharged, the Power Bank is used to supply energy to any electronic device (smartphone, tablet, camera, video camera). The Power Bank is portable, universal and compact. It is therefore an extremely useful accessory and an ideal gadget to customise for promotions.

What difference is there between a USB 2.0 and a USB 3.0?

The difference between 2.0 and 3.0 technology is the data transfer speed. With USB 3.0 flash drives, you can copy, save or share files with a speed 10 times higher than that of normal USB flash drives. The USB 3.0 standard therefore offers tangible benefits in terms of performance, with no compatibility issues, since it offers backward compatibility with USB 2.0 ports. However, please note that the transfer speed of USB 3.0 flash drives is only ensured if the input port of the device supports 3.0 technology.

What is a USB OTG flash drive?

A USB flash drive with On-the-go (OTG) technology is equipped with a standard USB connector on one end, and a micro-USB connector on the other end. In this way, you can connect the USB flash drive directly to your smartphone or digital camera without using a cable, allowing you to read and transfer data quickly and immediately. By connecting the OTG flash drive to your smartphone, you will be able to view, for example, the files saved on the flash drive directly on your device, or transfer them from one memory to another according to your needs. You can then use the USB port of your flash drive to read or transfer data onto your computer. Currently, OTG technology is compatible with the Android operating system.

What is the Maikiidea service?

With the Maikiidea service, you can create three-dimensional USB flash drives and Power Banks in any shape you want, starting from your project or idea. Many customers have already created products with the Maikiidea service, choosing the shape from the company logo or from the shape of a product, and the result is a truly original and unique gadget. The material we use to produce such items is a special type of soft rubber that is well suited to this specific type of use. The minimum order starts from just 100 pieces. You can find out more on the options offered by the Maikiidea service on this page. To create your non-binding quote, instead, visit this page

What is the difference between the exclusive Maikii models and all the other products in the catalogue?

The exclusive models are USB Flash Drives and Power Banks designed and produced exclusively by Maikii. They are unique models that you will find only in the Maikii catalogue and not from other suppliers. All these products have been designed to offer you the best possible combination of design and quality.