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Who is Maikii?

Maikii is one of the world's leading companies in the design, production and sale of USB Flash Drives, Power Banks and a wide range of accessories linked to the field of consumer electronics. Maikii products are targeted for the promotional market and appeal to anyone seeking solutions to promote their corporate brand. In fact, all models of the Maikii catalogue can be customised with logos or designs through a variety of printing techniques. Custom gadgets are effective promotional tools, giving visibility and popularity to company logos. They are objects of everyday use, which are highly valued for their utility and functionality. In order to enhance a corporate image in an even more effective and original way, Maikii also offers the Maikiidea service, which allows the creation of 100% customised USB Flash Drives and PVC Power Banks with the shape and colours you desire. In addition to a flawless look, each product in the Maikii catalogue meets high-quality technological standards.