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How can I change my account?

To change your account, access your personal area and click the "Edit" button in the panel dedicated to your Company Name details. You can edit all your information except for the e-mail address, since it is associated with the system that generates quotes and is essential for managing your account. If you need to change your e-mail, you can contact our staff for technical support by writing an e-mail to Remember to specify your credentials and the details to replace them.

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Who is Maikii?

Maikii is one of the world's leading companies in the design, production and sale of USB Flash Drives, Power Banks and a wide range of accessories linked to the field of consumer electronics. Maikii products are targeted for the promotional market and appeal to anyone seeking solutions to promote their corporate brand. In fact, all models of the Maikii catalogue can be customised with logos or designs through a variety of printing techniques. Custom gadgets are effective promotional tools, giving visibility and popularity to company logos. They are objects of everyday use, which are highly valued for their utility and functionality. In order to enhance a corporate image in an even more effective and original way, Maikii also offers the Maikiidea service, which allows the creation of 100% customised USB Flash Drives and PVC Power Banks with the shape and colours you desire. In addition to a flawless look, each product in the Maikii catalogue meets high-quality technological standards.

How can I change payment method on my account?

To change your payment method, contact our staff via e-mail at stating your request. Remember to enter the number of your quote and the payment method you wish to use, choosing from: advance payment by bank transfer, online payment via PayPal or cash on delivery. The sales manager that will process your order will either confirm or refuse your request and give you feedback.

Are quotes binding?

No, quotes are never binding. Once you have concluded your quote, you can decide whether to proceed with your order, or you can leave it aside and create other quotes, changing the product or quantity, capacity, accessories, packaging and all the other variants offered by the Maikii catalogue. You can prepare all the quotes you want and decide whether to proceed with your order once you have found the solution that suits you best.

How many quotes can I save on my account?

There is no set limit, you can create all the quotes you want.

I started to configure a product but I have not finished it yet. Can I complete it later? Is there a time limit to complete a quote?

There are no time limits to complete a quote. If you do not want to lose what you have configured, but you need to leave the website, we advise you to finish the quote even if it is not complete, since it is not binding. You can go back to your profile page at any time, view the saved quotes and start to configure the models any time you want.

How can I pay for my order?

We accept the following payment methods: advance payment by bank transfer, online payment via PayPal or – for shipments in Italy - payment on delivery by cash or check. Payment on delivery is not accepted for deliveries outside Italy. The bank details for the bank transfer will be provided by the sales manager of reference when you receive order confirmation.

Can I edit or cancel an order once it has been made?

After confirming your order, you will no longer be able to make changes to it from the website. If you need help, please contact our staff by e-mail at specifying your request and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Can I change a quote I have already made? Or can I cancel it?

You cannot change or cancel a quote once it has been finished, but you can create a new one starting from the ones you have already saved.


Tribe is the retail division of Maikii, dedicated to the production and distribution of licensed merchandise. Discover how we have transformed USB drives, power banks, and a wide range of tech accessories into popular film, comic book, and cartoon characters!

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